Best Stocking Stuffers Review

The best Christmas stockings are those that are full of surprises. Sure, you could fall back on the old standbys of candy and drug store odds and ends, but where is the fun – or creativity – in that? Put a little extra magic into your loved ones' holiday by taking advantage of the built-in mystery and gift-wrapping that Christmas stockings bring. Let us give you some ideas to make your Christmas morning a bit more electric with articles about maximizing stocking potential. Our best stocking stuffer recommendations are a FiLIP child locator for safety-conscious parents, a Fitbit Force for the fitness junkie on your list and the Zensorium Tinké for the budding health nut.

Stocking Stuffers: What to Look For

Even though stocking fillers tend to take a back seat to the larger gift under the tree, the small delights you put in the stockings before you hang them with care should pack a punch of their own. Tech gadgets bring joy because they tend to make our lives easier while also being a lot of fun to use. In addition to these qualities, we think the best stocking stuffers tend to have a few key characteristics in common.

One of the main purposes of giving any gift is to cause that initial thrill, a sense of unbridled joy. While some gifts are guaranteed to satisfy almost any recipient, you should try to choose gifts that are unique. Keep in mind the personalities you're buying for, and there's no way your stocking stuffers will be boring.

Stocking fillers are the ideal place to customize the Christmas gifts under the tree. Consider hobbies and lifestyles and look for quirky add-ons for gadgets that the recipient already owns and uses. Give fun little timesavers for busy moms and stressed-out executives. Got a gym rat on your Christmas list? A Fitbit Force activity wristband fits the situation to a T.

How can we rate a gift based on size, you ask? Well, since this gift must fit neatly into a little bitty spot, size is a very important issue. The anatomy of the stocking allows for four separate gift placements. The toe of the sock is the ideal spot for the smallest treasures, the heel can hold the slightly larger and longer presents, while the leg is optimal for the tallest and widest gifts. Save the top for the bulkiest toys to bulge out and tempt the recipient with gadget goodie dreams.

Great stocking gifts don’t have to cost a small fortune. Determining the value-to-cost ratio of the best stocking stuffers for men, women or kids involves considering how your recipient will use it beyond that initial moment of stocking stupefaction.

Mining the depths of an overflowing stocking to find little treasures ranks high on the delight scale. Just because a stocking stuffer gift is small doesn’t mean it can't make a big impact. Maximize your gifting experience and your recipient’s glee with uber-cool tiny tech toys.